Paprika is a perennial plant. The fruits are irregularly shaped berries. The weight, color and shape may vary depending on the plant variety. The fruit color can also vary: soft yellow, bright yellow, white, green, orange, and red.
Paprika is grown mainly in Mexico, Turkey, Spain, Egypt, and the Netherlands.

Size Diameter Size Unit weight, g.
S 60-80 MM M1 115-135 g.
M 70-90 MM M2 135-155 g.
L 80-100 MM L1 155-180 g.
XL 90-110 MM L2 180-210 g.
XXL 100-120 MM L3 210-230 g.



  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Pepper, MA
Yellow Pepper, NL
Yellow Pepper, ES
Red Pepper, NL
Red Pepper, ES
Green Pepper, NL
Green Pepper, ES
Orange Pepper, NL
Orange Pepper, ES
Pepper, IL