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About Us

Each day delicious fruits, berries and fresh vegetables at your table bring you joy and health benefits.

Our team at Baltic Fresh Fruit has contributed to this process, as we are the leading company in the Baltic region in the fruit and vegetable trade. Our trade connections reach more than 30 countries worldwide. From the farthest corners of the planet, we bring to Europe what you find in supermarkets and groceries shops.

UAB “Baltic Fresh Fruit” core business is the wholesale supply of fruit and vegetables to Lithuanian supermarket chains and Baltic buyers. We also provide freight forwarding, warehousing, re-picking, sorting and quality inspection services. We have warehouses in Klaipėda and Vilnius with a total area of 13700 square metres and a team of over 180 employees.

In 2020 and 2021, we were the only company from our industry to be included in the “Lithuanian Business Leaders 500” ranking. UAB “Baltic Fresh Fruit” currently operates five companies that deliver the freshest fruits and vegetables to retail and wholesale customers, and provide the highest level of freight forwarding and warehousing services.

Members of UAB „Baltic Fresh Fruit“ company group are:

  • UAB „Fruitera“
  • UAB „Mangų Mangas“
  • „Rhino Fresh Produce“ Gmbh
  • UAB „Sodų Sodas“
  • UAB „Doveris”

  • Mission, Vision and Values

    Our mission is to put as much fresh fruit and vegetables on each family’ table as possible.

    Our vision is to be a leading company with a well established name and good reputation not only in Europe, but also internationally.

    The core values of UAB “Baltic Fresh Fruit”, which help us meet our daily challenges, are:

  • RESPECT for the clients, colleagues and the environment around us.
  • PROFESSIONALISM and continuous improvement.
  • RESPONSIBILITY for our promises and obligations.
  • Our team of employees, guided by these values, is the main reason for our success and the reason for the rapid development of UAB “Baltic Fresh Fruit”.

    UAB “Baltic Fresh Fruit” history

    UAB “Baltic Fresh Fruit” launches its operations.


    Annual turnover in the first year of operation 24.863.997 Lt (7.201.111 €).


    Own 4000 m2 warehouse is opened in Klaipėda.


    Opening of a branch with a warehouse in Vilnius.


    Warehouse space in Vilnius is expanded to 3700 m2, adding a banana ripening system to make it easier to serve our customers throughout Lithuania.


    UAB “Baltic Fresh Fruit” is included in the “Lithuanian Business Leaders 500” ranking.

    2020 and 2021

    A new 6000 m2 warehouse is opened in Klaipeda. Total warehouse area in Klaipėda – more than 10000 m2.


    We will continue to be inventive to maintain our leadership in this sector.


    Warehouse in Klaipėda


    Wholesale of fresh fruits and vegetables

    UAB “Baltic Fresh Fruit” imports fresh fruit and vegetables from Egypt, South Africa, China, Argentina, Costa Rica, Peru, Chile, Morocco, Israel and other regions. Our company also supplies a wide range of fruit and vegetables from European countries. The company offers products that meet the mandatory quality requirements for fresh fruits and vegetables. THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND COUNCIL REGULATION (EC) No. 852/2004.
    If you wish to cooperate, please, get in touch with us.

    Warehousing, handling and customs brokerage services

    Do you have a cargo that needs to be kept fresh and temperature-controlled? Is your customer located in the Baltic States, Belarus, Russia or Ukraine? Entrust your cargo to us and we’ll take care of it.
    UAB “Baltic Fresh Fruit” has a 10000 m2 warehouse in Klaipėda and a 3700 m2 warehouse in Vilnius, which meet the highest quality requirements.
    We offer the following services:

  • container transport from the Klaipėda port to the warehouse,
  • loading,
  • dry storage,
  • temperature storage (-2Cº / +14Cº),
  • labelling and quality control,
  • full customs brokerage services: re-export of documents to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, import into the EU.
  • We are located: Stariškės st. 7, Laistų village, Klaipėda region, LT-95369, Lithuania.
    Contact us:, +370 616 06299.
    State Food and Veterinary Service (VMVT) registration Nr. 210004637.

    Business data

    Annual turnover, mln. €
    Annual cargo carriage, 1000 tns

    Contact Us

    Sales department

    Head of Sales Department:
    Linas Stasytis
    Mob. 00370 686 24200

    BY, KZ:
    Elegijus Jankauskas
    Mob. 00370 698 33103,
    Tel. 00370 46 215618

    BY, RU, KZ:
    Aivaras Kontrimas
    Mob. 00370 698 79270,
    Tel. 00370 46 215526

    LT, LV, RU:
    Andrius Zagorskis
    Mob. 00370 618 86578

    BY, KZ:
    Marius Pocius
    Mob. 00370 694 84565

    LT, LV supermarkets:
    Arentas Matuolis
    Mob. 00370 655 11909

    LT, LV supermarkets:
    Gintaras Bloznelis
    Mob. 00370 629 34345

    Saulius Kutulskas
    Mob. 00370 620 77389

    LT supermarkets, sliced fresh fruits:
    Genrieta Daugirde
    Mob. 00370 6512 7676

    LT supermarkets, BY:
    Ignas Grakavinas
    Mob. 00370 610 19577

    Purchasing department

    Oranges, grapefruits, lemons, garlic, grapes (overseas), pomelo, ginger:
    Julia Šeputė
    Mob. 00370 650 24901

    Vegetables, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, melons, persimons:
    Ramunė Mukauskienė
    Mob. 00370 684 20486

    Watermelons, pineapples, kiwi, grapes (EU), stone fruits, mandarins :
    Aistė Razmienė
    Mob. 00370 684 82779

    Citrus fruits, bananas:
    Elegijus Jankauskas
    Mob. 00370 698 33103,
    Tel. 00370 46 215618

    Mango, limes, dried fruits, berries, dates, pomegranates, avocados:
    Neringa Stančikienė
    Mob. 00370 658 64299

    Plums (Balkan states), vegetables (PL, Balkan states):
    Saulius Kutulskas
    Mob. 00370 620 77389

    Plums, coconuts, mix (egzotic fruits and vegetables):
    Simona Kiaupaitė
    Mob. 00370 642 13549

    Apples, pears
    Aivaras Kontrimas
    Mob. 00370 698 79270

    Forwarding and customs brokerage department

    Arūnas Kindurys
    Mob. 00370 616 06299

    Andrius Šeputis
    Mob. 00370 620 52070

    Transport department

    Import from NL, BE, DE, IT, ES, GR, FR, SLO, IR;
    Export to FI, DE, NL, FR:
    Paulius Petrauskas
    Mob. 00370 655 40963

    Local transportation – LT, LV, EE;
    Export to BY, RU, KZ, UZ:
    Birutė Belevičė
    Mob. 00370 640 37630

    Import from TR, PL, MK, HU, RO, MD:
    Export to PL:
    Iveta Polukord
    Mob. 00370 604 48327

    HR departament

    Gabrielė Belozerskė
    Mob. 00370 626 84543

    IT department

    Marius Narmontas
    Mob. 00370 612 63810

    Artūras Malikovas
    Mob. 00370 616 40093

    Company details

    UAB “Baltic Fresh Fruit”
    Stariškės g. 7, Laistų km., Dovilų sen.,
    Klaipėdos r. sav., LT-95369
    Company code: 301850652
    Company VAT code: LT100004278610
    Tel.: 00370 46 215572